10 Reasons to Add Olive Oil to a Dog’s Diet

Olive Oil for Dogs

Many people are aware that olive oil holds many health, and even beauty advantages for any person that includes it as part of their regular diet. But did you know that dogs can also reap many of those same benefits. Using olive oil for dogs can improve their health, their hair and fur, and even their skin. And all it takes to incorporate it into their daily routine is a spoonful added to their daily meal.

10 Benefits of Olive Oil for Dogs

Giving your dog a small dose of olive oil every day holds many benefits for them. Here are just a few of them:

1 Help control weight gain. Olive oil contains lots of monounsaturated fats, which break down the fat inside of fat cells and actually encourages the shedding of pounds. This can be especially helpful in dogs that have weight issues, or just need special attention paid to their weight.

2 Helps to prevent diabetes. Those same monounsaturated fats that help with weight gain can also help prevent the onset of diabetes. In addition to just those “good” fats, olive oil also helps reduce insulin sensitivity, which can help ward off diabetes.

3 Promotes optimal overall health. In addition to just controlling weight and warding off diabetes, olive oil also promotes good, optimal health. Because of the oleic acid olive oil holds, it can also help prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer; the latter of which is one of the biggest causes of death in dogs.

4 Boosts the immune system. Olive oil contains many antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamin E, chlorophyll, and carotenoids, all of which help boost your dog’s immune system and ward off disease and illnesses. Dogs, just like humans, are most prone to getting sick whenever the seasons change, so these times of year might be especially important to give your dog some olive oil.

5 Promotes longer life. Olive oil is generally just very good for your dog and will do so much to improve their health. This, along with the free radical cell oxidation that olive oil is so good at, will help to extend the life of your pup, giving you possibly many more years together!

6 It can help improve their thinking! Olive oil is a good fat and so, just like those good fats found in fish, can help produce brain productivity and actually make your dog smarter and more focused. This is important for the overall health of your dog, but is especially important for senior dogs as it will keep their minds sharp. Giving it to puppies that are currently still training can also be beneficial as it can make them more focused and help hold their attention. Using olive oil as “brain food” can also be important in breeds that are known for their smarts, such as border collies and poodles.

7 Improves circulation. Very simply put, giving your dog olive oil on a daily basis can help increase their blood flow and improve circulation.

8 Helps the respiratory system. In humans olive oil can help reduce the symptoms of asthma. And, even though dogs can get asthma and therefore olive oil will help, it can also help the respiratory system in dogs that just have trouble breathing. Bulldogs for example, sometimes have difficulty breathing and olive oil can be a huge help to them.

9 Helps keep skin moisturized and beautiful. If your dog suffers from dry skin, itchy skin, or just hair that’s started to look dull, a daily dose of olive oil can help. It will restore moisture to the skin, and brighten up any dull or tired-looking locks.

10 It’s tasty! Not only will your dog enjoy the taste of olive oil, making them even happier come feeding time, but it can also be used to encourage dogs who might have lost their appetite due to an illness to begin eating again.

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How to Give Your Dog Olive Oil

In order for dogs to receive all of the benefits olive oil holds for them, they’ll need to eat about a tablespoon of it every day. And even though olive oil does taste very good to dogs, you may not be able to give it to them just by pouring it into a spoon. Instead, mix some of it in with their wet food or, use it to help bring dry food that’s gone a bit stale back to life. Mixing it into their food will add a pleasant mild flavor and is an easier way to get it into your dog’s regular diet.

How to Give Your Dog Olive OilIf you want to use olive oil to improve your dog’s skin, you can also gently massage some into their skin and you should see improvement almost immediately.

Olive oil for dogs can be extremely beneficial, and is an easy ongoing treatment to give them. Just drizzle a small amount over their food, or rub an even smaller amount on their skin, and you’ll be amazed at what it can do for them inside and out. Like anything you give to your pet, be sure to speak to your vet before giving them anything, to make sure it’s safe for your particular dog and to ensure you’re not giving them too much.

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