15 Signs Your Cat Loves You

Signs Your Cat Loves You

Have you ever wondered whether or not your cat loves you? Cats have a really strange way of letting you know that they love you! In fact, some of the ways that cats express their love may often be misinterpreted as being aggressive. The best thing for you to do is take a look at some of the main ways that cats let you know that they really do love you.

Here Are 15 Signs Your Cat Loves You

#1 – Biting and Nibbling

If your cat starts gnawing on your fingers or hand, chances are they love you! It will probably start out as petting, but then before you know it they will be nipping at you. Sometimes these love bites can actually hurt, but keep in mind that your cat isn’t trying to hurt you. They are just showing their love in one of the best ways that they know how.

#2 – Licking

Licking is another sign of affection. If you have ever experienced cat licks, you probably know that their tongues feel a lot like sand paper. It can be a ticklish sensation. Cats will typically only lick or groom people that they are extremely close to and fond of. If your cat is licking you, it is a way of marking you as a part of their family.

#3 – Vocal Meows

Did you know that cats don’t really meow to each other that often? The meow is a way for the cat to express to and communicate with humans. All of the various different vocalizations that cats use to communicate are mainly used around humans. You probably wouldn’t go up and talk to someone that you didn’t really like very much, and cats are the same way. If they are coming up to you meowing, they like you! Feel special when your cat ‘talks’ to you.

#4 – Kneading

Cats just love to knead. This is also known as ‘making biscuits’. Cats knead instinctively. This is how baby kittens nurse on mother cats. Adults will sometimes keep up this behavior, but they save it for people they really like. Most of the time, cats will only knead when they are feeling loved, relaxed and content. If your cat is enjoying your company, don’t be surprised if they come up and start kneading you. Yes, it can be painful, but it’s a sign of their love.

#5 – Staring

Do you ever just think that your cat is watching you and staring at you? If you are looking around your room and notice that your cat is looking at you wide-eyed, without an ounce of interest in looking away, you can rest assured in knowing that they trust you! Cats will only stare at people that they know well that give them a feeling of trust. Eye contact is often paired with a slow blinking motion, and this is often referred to as a kiss in kitty body language!

#6 – Head Bunting

Cats will often times get up right in the middle of your space and bump their head up to your face. This is another way that they show love and affection. It is also a way for them to mark their territory. If your cat does this to you, then you should take it as a compliment! They won’t do this to just anyone. Even if they do it in the most inopportune time, and they probably will, just remember that they do love you. Let them know that you love them too!

#7 – Following You Around

Do you ever just find your cat following you around everywhere you go? Cats are notorious for following the people they love. When you have a cat, you should know that you really don’t have any privacy. Privacy is just not feasible when you have a cat, or at least a cat that loves you! Whether you are going to the bathroom, or trying to get some rest, your cat will probably break into the room to find you. They just can’t help that they like being around you.

#8 – Bumping Their Butt in Your Face

Cats have a tendency to back their butt up right to your face. They don’t care if you are trying to get your grub on or just trying to enjoy your favorite TV show. When they do this, it is their way of showing that they trust you. It is also a way of showing affection. Sure, it can be downright annoying, but you can bet your bottom dollar that they either love you or trust you a whole lot if they are doing this.

#9 – Being a Little Spy

If you are behind a closed door, and you notice your cat peeking in through the gap at the bottom of the door looking for you, or putting their paws under letting you know they are there and want to come in to be with you, then your cat definitely loves you! Face the facts, you don’t really want to be around the people that you don’t like very much, and cats don’t either! They may start out with a curious little peek, but soon they will be trying to claw their way through the door to get to you!

#10 – Getting in Your Way

We all know just how aggravating it can be when you are trying to get an important document finished and your cat plops down right on top of your keyboard. If this doesn’t happen to you, then you don’t know the struggle of having a cat! Cats tend to think that computers and other important things that you might be using are the purrfect spot to lie down for a cat nap. This is just because they want to be the center of your attention, and then they just comfortable and figure that you had more important things to do than finish that document anyway!

#11 – Clawing Up Your Furniture

I know what you are thinking! ‘How can my cat clawing up my nice furniture be considered a sign of love and affection?’ While you may think that your cat just has an evil streak every once in a while- it is a cat’s natural instinct to scratch. Cats don’t typically scratch just anywhere. If you pay close attention to where your cat is scratching the most, you will probably notice that it is where you spend a lot of time. Say for instance you have a favorite spot on the couch, they are likely to scratch there. This is a way of marking their territory and claiming you through scents and visuals.

#12 – Tripping You Up

How often are you tripped up by your cat when you are walking through your house? If you are like me, it happens quite often! They will come up to you and start rubbing on your legs and twirling about, and it is easy for them to get in your way. When they come up and start rubbing on you, they don’t want to trip you up. This is a way that they bond with you.

#13 – Gifting

This one is probably one of the grosses ways that they show affection and love! Just consider yourself blessed if your cat brings you dead animals. They aren’t trying to gross you out, although this will probably be the end result. Praise them for this behavior, because they think that it is going to make you happy. If you get onto them, it may confuse them. Just know that they love you a whole lot if they are willing to share! Be grateful, but dispose of it quickly!

#14 – Showing Their Belly

Cats don’t trust just anyone. They especially don’t like to expose themselves, or make themselves vulnerable to you. If your cat is showing off their belly, they want you to rub them and show them attention. It is because they love and trust you!

#15 – Sleeping On You

Cats won’t sleep on people they don’t love. End of story. They have to really trust someone to actually fall into a deep sleep near them, much less on them. Sure, they may cat nap, and you can tell the difference. Typically when they are just cat napping they have one eye cracked open and are still semi aware of what is going on around them. It isn’t until they are fully trusting of someone that they will get into a deep sleep.


Does my cat love me

As you can see, there are quite a few ways your cat may show their affection towards you. If your cat has been doing any of these things, chances are they are quite fond of you. Cats love to show love to their owners, even if it isn’t the way in which we would want them to.

Just remember, cats are finicky and a lot of their behaviors are hard to understand.

How does your cat show their love to you? Are there any quirky or funny behaviors that they exhibit when they want your attention? Feel free to share it with us below!

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2 Responses

  1. I have an outdoor cat who I feed and care for. She has recently acquired a friend in a feral cat who lives under the house next door. So now when I feed her she ‘ll eat a few bites then go and stand a couple feet away and sit like a statue and just stay there, still. She looks like she’s concentrating and I think she’s communicating telepathically to that friend and telling him the food is ready. I know the other cat eats here because he eats ALL the food; my cat always leaves some nibbles for later. I don’t know if the other cat is male or female, but my friend says it’s a kitten. It is quite a bit smaller than my adult female. At any rate, I wonder if they communicate like I think they do, by thinking. Do you think so?

  2. Another way to tell if your cat loves you: I used to have a gray tabby/Siamese mix named Esther. She used to sit on my work boots while I was getting ready work. It was as if she was going to stop me from putting them on. I would have rather stayed home with Esther and her brother, Sampson, but the bills don’t get paid that way.

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