The Benefits of Clicker Training – Part II

Methods of Clicker Training

In my last article on clicker training I explained how to get our dog’s attention. But now that we have it, what do we do with it? Almost anything.
If you have done the – name – click – feed correctly you now have a dog that lifts his head every time you say his name, maybe comes running. And best of all, is excited every time you pick up a clicker.
Here’s the second part of clicker training.

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The Benefits of Clicker Training

Clickers aren’t for everyone. Nor are they necessary for successfully training your dog. They enable us to reinforce good behavior without having to ask anything of our dog. We classically condition the dog to associating the clicker with only good experiences, so that eventually just the sight of the clicker is associated with good feeling and training becomes your dog’s favorite part of the day. It’s as easy as click and feed.

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