5 Reasons Why Cats Cry at Night

5 Reasons Why Cats Cry at Night

Do you often find that you are unable to get a peaceful night of sleep because your cat has a tendency to cry at all hours of the night? Well, you are not alone. There are many frustrated cat owners just like yourself that experience this same experience at night. Cats vocalize typically to connect with other cats or humans. Mother cats also vocalize to their kittens. Sometimes they may just need some fresh water, or food, or have their litter box scooped. If you have ever asked yourself ‘why does my cat cry at night?’, then we have some answers for you.

5 main reasons why cats tend to cry when the lights go out


First and foremost, insecurities may be the culprit. If you have a new kitten, they may feel insecure in your home at first. Once they have been there for a while and realize that you love them and that they are safe, these insecurities should fade. In the beginning, however, you may have a few loud nights. Kittens that are brought to new homes in pairs typically experience fewer insecurities because they have each other for comfort. Whether you have a kitten, or you adopt an adult cat into your family, insecurities may be the cause of their night calling.

Physical Distress

Physical distress is another common reason why cats at night. If something is wrong with them physically, or they are in pain, they may be crying out either in pain, or in an attempt to let you know that something is wrong. If the crying at night is something out of the norm for your cat, then you will definitely want to make sure that you take the time to look them over and make sure that nothing is wrong externally, and then if it continues make an appointment with your veterinarian to ensure that everything is healthy on the inside.

Outside Disturbances

Sometimes cats are disturbed by things that are going on outside of the home. They may hear a stray animal outside of the door, or they may see someone walking down the street. Anything that is out of the norm outside may cause them to wreak havoc crying inside. One of the best ways to avoid this is by closing the blinds, or putting up curtains to keep them from being able to see things that are going on outside after you go to bed at night. Some things, however, such as noises won’t be able to be avoided.


Frequently, cats will cry out for attention. If your cat is seeking your companionship, they will likely meow so that you will notice them. If you don’t react to the first few cries, they may continue to do it, louder and louder, until they are finally able to get your attention. If they are doing this at night, chances are they may not be getting enough of your attention during waking hours. Spend time with them, show them affection, and teach them that night time is not a time to seek attention. It is a time to rest.


When a female cat is in heat, they will often meow loudly often throughout the day and night. One of the best ways to avoid night crying that comes from this is by getting your cat fixed. You can often find a low cost clinic that will do this procedure for a small fee. Consider this an investment in your cat’s quality of life. It is definitely the responsible thing for pet owners to do.

To get your cat to stop crying at night, try to get them a toy that will occupy their time when they are up and playing at night. Also, you may turn on a radio for them so that the house isn’t so quiet. Turns out cats really like to listen to noise in the background. It can be soothing.

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