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The Munch Zone is a website for dog & cat lovers to find the information and products that they need to take excellent care of their four legged friends.

Here you’ll find interesting articles about the topics that affect your pet’s life and also some tips, product reviews and guides.

All of the products on this website have excellent peer reviews, and are sold through Amazon for your ease and convenience.

Shay Atik

About The Owner

My name is Shay Atik, 31, born and raised in Israel and moved to the states in 2013.

I started this website because I’m a pet parent myself (Phoebe, Belgian Shepherd), and I couldn’t find a simple website with high quality information and products, so I decided to make my own.

If you can’t find the information or product you’re looking for, contact me here.

Thanks for visiting!

Me and my Phoebe
Me and my Phoebe

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