Believe It or Not? Are Pet Psychics Worth Trying?

Are Pet Psychics Worth Trying

Pet Psychics, also known as animal communicators, are people who claim they can communicate with animals either living or deceased. A pet psychic has the ability to perceive information that is hidden from normal human senses through extrasensory perception. The Association for Research and Enlightenment conducted research in the early twentieth century regarding psychic and paranormal abilities in humans. The results produced pet psychics that communicate with animals telepathically. Pet owners who have lost a pet or who have a pet that is experiencing depression or other emotional issues often wonder if pet psychics are worth trying.

How Do Pet Psychics Communicate with Animals?

Each animal communicator has their own process and preparation for communicating with your pet.

Generally they will meditate before a session, visualize your pet in their mind, say your pet’s name out loud and begin to transmit mental images and words to your pet. The animal communicator will soon begin to sense things that your pet experiences every day, such as specific tastes and smells. As the process goes further, the pet psychic is able to receive more details and information regarding specific issues that need to be addressed.

Pet psychics are also known as intuitive and have the ability to sense energy that allows them to connect with your pet. The animal communicator is acting as a bridge between your pet and you. The main goal is to resolve unusual pet behavior, improve communication between you and your pet, provide closure after the death of a pet and detect any possible illness that has gone undetected. Your pet has a wide range of memories, complexities and emotions that you may not understand until you seek assistance from a pet psychic.

Benefits from Seeing a Pet Psychic

  • Understand what is causing your pet’s unusual behavior
  • Learn your pet’s preference of food and activities
  • Receive messages from your pet that has passed away
  • Communicate with your pet that has passed away
  • Communicate with your dying pet
  • Learn more details about your pet’s health and ailments
  • Locate a lost pet
  • Get to know your rescue pet better
Benefits from Seeing a Pet Psychic

Do you have Animal Communication Abilities?

Many pet owners naturally understand the signals and sounds their pet provides as communications skills. While a specific language such as English or Spanish is not spoken, gestures and body language play a key part in communication between you and your pet.

The longer you have your pet and the more time you spend with him gives you an increased chance of becoming aware of your pet’s special ability to communicate with you.

Does your pet bring you a toy when he is ready to play? Does he whine at the door to go outdoors? These are all signals that your pet gives you to tell you what they want. In addition, your pet has the capability of understanding you as well. Just think of obedience training and the way you use verbal commands and physical gestures to communicate what you want your pet to do. Although pet psychics are able to communicate telepathically and on a deeper level, pet owners also have the capability of communicating with their pets in their household on an everyday basis.

Are Pet Psychics Worth Trying?

Pet owners who are grieving the loss of their pet and that are having difficulty going forward in their lives will find that a pet psychic may provide closure and healing. Also pet parents will find a visit with a pet psychic could provide them beneficial insight into their pet’s emotional and physical needs. Pet parents are the only ones that can determine if a pet psychic will be a beneficial tool to communicating with their pet or not.

How to Find a Reputable Pet Psychic

As a pet parent, you may have decided that you would like to give a pet psychic a try in order to resolve issues or to reach healing. While there are plenty of honest animal communicators available, there are also those that take advantage of pet parents and who offer poor services levels. The founder of The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement, Dr. Wally Sife considers “the problems of pet psychics taking advantage of grieving pet owners to be plaguing”.

So, how do you find a reputable pet psychic in an industry with not regulations or licensing necessary? These easy steps will guide you to a trustworthy pet psychic.

  • Ask a Friend – Ask fellow pet parents that you know or those who you meet at the dog park. Casually bring up in conversation that you are thinking of seeking out a reputable pet psychic and ask if they can provide a good recommendation. Also, inquire what their experience was like with the recommended pet psychic.
  • Conduct an Online Search – Search for pet psychics online that are located close to your neighborhood and visit their websites. They should provide information and details regarding the services they offer. In addition, they should also provide valuable references of previous clients. You can also conduct another search by using the name of the pet psychic and following the name with the word “hoax”, in order to see if there are any complaints about their services. Keep in mind that if a pet psychic has one or two complaints this might just be upset pet parents that didn’t get the exact results they wanted. However, if you find more than five complaints it’s best to keep looking for a better pet psychic.
  • Interview the Pet Psychic – Speak with the pet psychic over the telephone or in person. Get to know them better and ask questions such as how long have they been able to communicate with animals? When did they realize that they had this ability? How much do they charge? How long is the session? Plus any other questions that will help you feel more comfortable hiring this person as your pet psychic.

How to Test a Pet Psychic

Once you have chosen the pet psychic, you may wonder how you will know for sure if they are able to truly communicate with your pet. There is a way to test your pet psychic’s ability.

Any animal communicator who is providing a trustworthy service will be happy to take a quick test to make you feel more comfortable. If they refuse the test, that should only take a few minutes, they are probably not the best pet psychic for you.

The test is simple, bring your pet into another room with the door closed for a few minutes and play with a specific toy. Then come out of the room with your pet and have the animal communicator ask your pet what they did in the other room, see if the pet psychic is able to determine the correct answer. This may tell you if the person is able to communicate with your pet or not.

Unfortunately there hasn’t been any scientific proof that pet psychic abilities are true or not. However, some pet parents may feel that it is worth the try, at least once.

You will want to carefully consider the possible outcome from the pet psychic session. Some pet parents go into the situation thinking they are going to receive specific information and end up feeling disappointed because they heard other details instead. Remember that this is supposed to be your pet communicating with you and they might want to tell you other things than what you expect. This doesn’t mean the session is unsuccessful, it just means you are surprised by your pet’s answers.

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