Best Dog Food for Yorkies

Best Dog Food for Yorkies

Not all dog breeds have the same nutrient requirements. If you have a Yorkie, also known as a Yorkshire Terrier, then you will probably want to know more about what to feed them. Giving your dog a high quality dog food that is optimally formulated for their breed is the best thing that you can do. If you are looking for the best dog food for Yorkies you have come to the right place. Here are a few factors that you will want to consider before you choose the specific brand of food that you will feed your pup.

A Yorkie’s Size is an Important Consideration

One of the first things to consider before buying the best dog food for yorkies is your dog’s size. Most Yorkies are really small dogs. It is a small breed, and there are even teacup Yorkies, which are even smaller. Since they are small in size, it makes sense that they will have a small stomach. They probably won’t have a very hefty appetite, so that means that you need to get the right food so that they get the right nutrients, even with small meals. Also, consider their mouth size. A small kibble is always best for a small breed dog like the Yorkie, because it is easier for them to eat.

What to Look for In the Best Dog Food for Yorkies

Now that you know more about the specific needs of your dog, it’s time to learn what to look for in a great dog food. We always recommend feeding premium or super premium dog foods, because they don’t contain the empty calories and fillers like many of the other foods on the market. As you shop, it is recommended that you look for foods that are labeled ‘Complete and Balanced’. This means that it meets the AAFCO requirements for being nutritionally balanced.

If you have a puppy, you need to look for foods that are specifically formulated for puppies, or suitable for all life stages. ‘Small Breed’ is another indicator of foods that are formulated specifically for smaller breed dogs, like the Yorkie.

What to look for In the best dog food for yorkiesThe next thing you should do is take a look at the ingredients list. Make sure that the recipe is made up of a meat based protein source as its main ingredient. If your pup has food sensitivities, then a grain-free formula, or limited ingredient formula may be best. If your dog has special dietary needs, you may need to discuss your options with your veterinarian. Just know that there are certain foods available that will meet your pup’s nutritional needs without causing an upset stomach. In order to find the best dog food for yorkies, it takes a bit of research on your end.

Take a look at some of the best dog foods for Yorkies. Here are our recommendations:

Reviews of the Top 10 Best Dog Food for Yorkies

#1 Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier Formula

Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier Formula
Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier Formula
recommendedSince Yorkies are so prone to tooth decay, it is important to feed them food that will help to reduce plaque and limit the formation of tartar.  Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier formula has specialized kibbles that help to do that, without any fuss. It also contains nutrients that help to nourish and condition the fragile coat.


Since Yorkies are so prone to having picky appetites, you will be pleased to see that this food is tasty and offers savory flavors and aromas that even the pickiest eater will enjoy. It has a rich, meaty chicken flavor, and is packed full of all the nutrients that your furry friend will need. You can also choose between a few different size bags for your convenience. They also have puppy formulas that are great for puppies up to 10 months old. This is an excellent choice for those looking for a food that is specifically designed for the Yorkie breed.

#2 Holistic Select Nourish Small and Mini Breed

Holistic Select Nourish Small and Mini Breed
Holistic Select Nourish Small and Mini Breed
When you want to take a holistic approach to your Yorkie’s diet, choose Holistic Select Nourish Small and Mini Breed. This formula offers protein and fat at higher levels, which provides your pet with optimal energy levels, and proper caloric intake. It also comes in a small kibble size, which makes it ideal for small breeds that have small mouths. Omega 3 Fatty acids help to keep the coat looking healthy. Something unique about this food is that it offers digestive health support through prebiotics, probiotics, natural fiber and digestive enzymes.

Best of all, there are no meat by-products, artificial preservatives, flavors or colors, wheat or gluten. All in all, this is a natural, holistic food that is perfect for Yorkies and other small and mini breed dogs. Try it in a 3 or 6 pound bag for your convenience. Your pup is sure to love the great taste.

#3 Blue Buffalo Small Breed Formula

Blue Buffalo Small Breed Formula
Blue Buffalo Small Breed Formula
Another great healthy and holistic dog food choice is Blue Buffalo Small Breed formula. Blue Buffalo manufactures a line of premium quality dog foods that take a holistic approach. This food contains active nutrients and antioxidants that help to promote optimal health and wellbeing.

It is made up of deboned chicken, wholesome whole grains and healthy fruits and veggies, which offer optimal vitamins and minerals. It is designed for adult small breed dogs, but Blue Buffalo also has a line of foods that are suitable for puppies. Like many other premium foods, it doesn’t have any meat byproducts or artificial flavors and preservatives. It is also free of corn, wheat and soy. The kibble size is small, perfect for your pup’s small mouth. Give it a try, your pup is sure to love the tasty chicken flavor, and the health benefits that come along with it.

#4 Wellness Adult Small Breed Complete Health Recipe

Wellness Adult Small Breed Complete Health Recipe
Wellness Adult Small Breed Complete Health Recipe
Wellness is a brand that many pet owners have grown to love and trust. Wellness for Small Breeds doesn’t contain any wheat, meat by-products, or artificial preservatives colors or flavors. These are ingredients found in inferior foods on the market because they are cheaper ingredients.

This particular food offers the optimal caloric intake for your small breed pup, and it also has Omega fatty acids that help with their skin and coat. As for protein, the protein comes from four different animal based sources, to ensure that your dog’s high energy demands are met. You can order it in a small four pound bag, or a larger 12 pound bag. Remember, this brand is for adults, but like most of the other brands, there are puppy formulas available as well. When you want to choose an all natural brand you can trust, go with Wellness.

#5 Diamond Naturals Small Breed Adult Dog Formula

Diamond Naturals Small Breed Adult Dog Formula
Diamond Naturals Small Breed Adult Dog Formula
One thing that you will notice when you look at the ingredients list of the Diamond Naturals Small Breed Adult Dog Formula is that it contains chicken as its number one ingredient. Like any premium dog food, it also contains balanced Omega fatty acids to help improve the skin and coat. This is of the utmost importance for Yorkies, because their coat is so delicate. The protein content is at 27% and the fat content is at 16%, which is ideal.

Small kibbles make it easy for your pet to pick up the morsels and chew them, and they also help to clean your pup’s teeth! You can actually get an 18 pound bag for around $20-30, which is an incredible deal when you think of the high quality nutrition that your dog will get from this food. This is definitely one of the best dog food for yorkies.

#6 Hill’s Science Diet Small and Toy Breed Formula

Hill’s Science Diet Small and Toy Breed Formula
Hill’s Science Diet Small and Toy Breed Formula
Hill’s Science Diet is well known for their premium pet foods. In fact, their brand is one of the top veterinarian recommended brands. The Small and Toy breed formula helps to boost your pup’s immune system, and lengthen their life expectancy. It also helps to promote healthy coat and skin, as well as healthy ears and eyes.

The nutrients also promote bone strength and healthy muscles, which are important for active dogs like Yorkies. With this food, your pet will get the optimal absorption of nutrients, providing them with a complete and balanced diet that is easy for them to chew and digest. It comes in four formulas– Adult, Adult Light, Mature Adult and Puppy, and also comes in various sized bags, including a 4.5 pound bag and a 15.5 pound bag.

#7 Purina Pro Plan Small Breed Formula

Purina Pro Plan Small Breed Formula
Purina Pro Plan Small Breed Formula
For some, a name like Purina is sure to please! Purina Pro Plan Small Breed Formula offers real chicken as its number one ingredient, and it also has a high level of protein. The caloric density of this food is also ideal, as it packs nutrient rich calories into bite sized kibbles. The nutrition that is offered by this food is sure to meet your dog’s metabolic needs.

It is ideal for dogs up to 20 pounds, and there are even puppy formulas that are ideal for puppies up to 10 months old. Benefits of this food include a healthy heart, strong immune system, healthy digestion, radiant coat and skin, strong bones and teeth, and a healthy weight. As an added benefit, it has an exceptional flavor that your pup is sure to love. Order it today in a 5, 18 or 34 pound bag!

#8 Natural Balance Ultra Premium Small Breed Bites Formula

Natural Balance Ultra Premium Small Breed Bites Formula
Natural Balance Ultra Premium Small Breed Bites Formula
Dick Van Patten’s has a variety of dog foods in their line, including Natural Balance Ultra Premium Small Bite Formula. This is a food that has been approved for all life stages, even puppies! It doesn’t contain any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. It is made with fresh chicken, brown rice, oatmeal, salmon meal, lamb meal, fresh carrots, potatoes, and pearled barley. It is actually a formula that has been used in their foods for years, but now they offer it in a smaller kibble size for small breed dogs and puppies- like Yorkies.

Just remember, since they also have other formulas, you need to look for the logo that says ‘Small Breed Bites’ to ensure that it will be an ideal size for your pup’s small mouth. There are several bag sizes to choose from, starting with 5 pounds and going up from there.

#9 Nutrience Original Adult Small Breed Dog Food

Nutrience Original Adult Small Breed Dog Food
Nutrience Original Adult Small Breed Dog Food
Nutrience is another one of the top name brands among pet foods on the market today. They offer various formulas that are all free of corn, soy, wheat, by-products, and artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. Veggies and fruits offer antioxidants that boost immunity. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids promote a healthy coat and skin. Quality chicken protein leads to strong, lean muscles.

To top it off, it comes in a bit sized kibble that is ideal for smaller mouths. Other great ingredients include chondroitin and glucosamine, which help to support your pup’s joints. The prebiotics blend also helps to support a healthy digestive system. These are all qualities that make this one of the best dog food for yorkies. When you want a brand that only puts the best ingredients in their foods, think about Nutrience. They make their foods in small batches to ensure quality, each and every time!

#10 AvoDerm Natural Small Breed

AvoDerm Natural Small Breed
AvoDerm Natural Small Breed
Last, we will look into AvoDerm’s Natural Small Breed Formula. It is available in both adult and puppy formulas. It is made specifically for small breed dogs, and offers bite sized kibbles. The antioxidants and other nutrients help to boost immunity, and avocado helps to support a healthy coat and skin. The formula is free of artificial colors, wheat and corn, which are sometimes found in other products on the market.

This food offers complete, balanced nutrition that you can trust for your pup. The difference in this food and others is the avocados, which is how the company gets their name- AvoDerm. See what a difference the superfruit Avocados can do for you! Order today in either a 3.5 pound bag, or a 7 pound bag, and see just how much your dog benefits from it.

The Importance of Caloric Density

The next thing to focus on is the caloric density of the food that your pet eats. Like we said, they probably won’t eat very much. This means that the food that they do eat needs to be packed full of nutrients and good calories. Avoid foods that have empty calories. You want the good calories, from healthy fats, grains, or other complex carbohydrate source. Consider the protein and fat content in the food. Foods with at least 20% protein are okay, but closer to 30% is preferred.

Is Canned or Dry Food Better?

When talking about the best dog food for yorkies, the debate between canned and dry dog food has been going on for years. The truth is that they are both acceptable. Just remember, the dry kibble is great for your dog’s teeth. It helps to break away the plaque build up and prevent gum disease. Canned foods have a lot of water, so they don’t offer this benefit. The canned food, however, is a great supplement to a dry kibble. If you feed your pup canned food only, then it is important to brush their teeth regularly to prevent tooth decay. Yorkies are actually more prone to this than other breeds, which is why we highly recommend feeding kibble regularly, and other treats, supplements and canned foods on an occasional basis.

Which brand of dog food does your yorkie eat?
Tell us in the comments below!

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11 Responses

  1. Wow, I didn’t know that there were breed specific formulas! You learn something new everyday I guess. Since I learned about this, I researched both the Eukanuba and Royal Canin formulas, and I think that we are going to go with the Royal Canin. I can’t see too much of a difference in comparisons, so we will see how Suzy takes to it!

  2. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I’m very thankful I’ve found your site as I have been trying to find the right food for my Yorkie. I tried normal dog food and that just irritated her. Thanks to you guys I have somewhat of a better idea of what I need to get her.

  3. Yorkies sure do have a different diet than some dogs. I have purchased a few of these brands, namely #8 and #5. Both are great brand dog foods and well worth the price tag. I’m going to check out some of these other foods and see if my dog would like any of them. I’m always looking for new food for him.

  4. Ahh, dog food ingredients or dog food that’s specifically beneficial for a particular breed is something I hadn’t thought about before.

  5. We first got our Yorkie when she was only 8 weeks old. We didn’t know that they made foods that were breed specific! I can’t wait to try the Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier formula. Bella is prissy and picky, so I am hoping that this will be a great solution for her meals.

  6. Do any of these brands make a soft food? What soft food is good for Yorkies? My rescue Yorkie has only 2-3 teeth so he can’t eat the crunchy hard food. He currently eats the Ol Roy soft and moist- he has a hearty appetite and I have to cut him off or he’d eat the entire pouch at 1 feeding.
    Am I limited to his current feeding choice or canned food option only (which can be quite expensive)?

    1. Hi Kim, I lost my beloved Peanut at 17. When I rescued him, he was dying due to mass infection in his mouth. I searched for years for a food that he could eat with basically 2 teeth. It may not agree with powers that be but I fed him a balanced diet for a dog and put his vitamins in a teaspoon of canned wellness core puppy. He stayed very healthy, in fact, the vet always comented on how well he did right up to 1 month prior to his death from renal failure due to age related issues. His balanced came from my human table. I cooked his meats and steamed veggies. We ate together 2 times a day, mornings he had egg 1 time a week, me too, he got sardines as a treat 1time every 2 weeks. We learned together what he liked and didn’t. Green beans were a favorite. I have 5 pet Yorkies and they get a premium Orijen and some table food that is healthy as a treat. Everyone is different and likes different things. You can read lots of books about nutrition and good vitamins are key. Good luck with your Yorkbaby!

    2. You can give your Yorkie dry dog food IF you first heat water in the microwave, then pour enough over the dry food to fully cover it. Wait 3-4 minutes until it soaks in and cools off a bit. Then give it to your Yorkie.

  7. Hi- my 5 lb, 4 yo yorkie has been eating royal canin yorkie food from the beginning. Now as I read the list of ingredients on the bag, I see it’s filled with “fillers”, and the protein content is not at the top of the listed ingredient list! Should I switch her to gluten free food? She does have dental issues which I was glad to hear royal canin is good for.

  8. My Vet told me that I could not feed my dog anything with beef, chicken or pork in it. Well needless to say that doesn’t leave much to choose from.

    I had been feeding him IAMS mini chunks which had chicken. I started looking and found soft food with lamb and then some with fish. He ate the lamb slowly but he gobbled up the one with Salmon which was by Beneful. He had always eaten dry food so I finally settled on IAMS with Salmon and he loves it. Thanks IAMS. I looked through all of the dog food at Walmart and that was all they had without beef, chicken and pork. I will leave him on this until he gets tired of it. He is my love and very special. He has a heart murmur and a cataract on his right eye but I just can’t afford to have the cataract removed because it costs so much. I will take care of him always no matter what. Thanks

  9. I have been feeding my Yorkies ORIJEN senior diet. They are all over a year old and not super active. I have researched dog foods and Orijen seems to be a super food. I note you do not recommend it? Can I ask why? I want to feed them the best I can. They did not do well with raw foods. The refrigerated food did not do anything either except they seemed hungry all the time. They are healthy and weight appropriate and have kibble available to them all day. I read ingredients on Royal Canin and was not impressed….why is it you number 1 recommendation? What am I not understanding? Thank you, Barb

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