Best Attack Dogs

Best Attack Dogs

What makes a good attack dog? Not mindless, vicious killers. Rather, the elite are brave and unerringly obedient. Consider these dog breeds and their characteristics to see what we mean.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

Want to avoid dangerous dog breeds and vicious dog behavior in your chosen pet? The rumors aren’t all true. Read on to find out which dogs breeds can be trained and which can’t be trusted.

Best Breeds for First Time Dog Owners

Breeds for First Time Dog Owners

The best dog breeds for first time dog owners are highly trainable. They also have even temperaments and long-standing reputations as loving and loyal dogs.

10 Easy to Train Dog Breeds

Easy to Train Dog Breeds

A first time dog owner, or simply looking to take on an easy to manage breed? Don’t start off on the wrong paw. These are some easy to train dog breeds you might want to start with.

Top 10 Working Dog Breeds

Top 10 Working Dog Breeds

Working dog breeds have a long history of working with humans. With diverse skills they thrive in many disciplines. These intelligent breeds often go above and beyond the call of duty.

Give Them a Chance: Black Dog Breeds

Black Dog Breeds

Black dog breeds are beautiful, but have a poor reputation and are often the last dogs to be adopted. Find out the truth, and see how these dogs actually make some of the best companions.

Supersize Them – Large Dog Breeds

Large Dog Breeds

Large dog breeds are not for everyone. Their oversized bodies and boundless energy might prove too much for some. But these gentle giants are wonderful for the right owner.

Let There Be Peace: Cat-Friendly Dog Breeds

Cat-Friendly Dog Breeds

Do you already have a cat, but still want to bring an adventure-loving, tail-wagging companion home? Then you want to add a dog into your existing family who will play nice with the other animals in your home. Though each dog is obviously unique, here are just a few of the best cat-friendly dog breeds.

10 Best Indoor Dog Breeds

10 Best Indoor Dog Breeds

Some small dogs will be quiet and polite indoors and some shedders could make the best companions. Just be sure and consider all the angles before making your final decision on the best indoor dog breed for you and your family.