Finding Rover – Using Facial Recognition to Find Your Lost Pup

Finding Rover is an incredible app that offers an amazing service to pet owners. While many people think that simple putting a collar on their pup will offer them the protection they need if their pet was lost, sadly, it isn’t always the case. Sometimes collars can fall off, or tags may become illegible. With Finding Rover app, facial recognition is used to help you keep tabs on your pup. Let’s find out a bit more about how it works.

How it Works

John Polimeno is the founder of this useful app. When he got the idea for the app, he started talking to people who were high up in the facial recognition industry. Finally, he found the Software Development Center from the University of Utah, and they were willing to partner with him on this app. Through Polimeno’s funding and the research from the center, they came up with an algorithm known as Pet Match. It uses computerized vision to distinguish your pup’s key features and differentiate them from other dogs (even those that look strikingly similar). It really is amazing!

Getting Started

To get started, simply go to the App Store on your Apple device, or the Google Play store on your Android device. Search for ‘Finding Rover’ and download the app. It is a free download, and it just takes a few moments to save to your device. Once you open the app, it is as simple as one, two, and three. First, you will take a front facing photo, which is easy because they have a ‘bark button’ that is sure to get your pup’s attention. Next, you mark their eyes and nose. Then, the app will verify the photo using facial recognition scans to identify features that are unique to your pup. Once you are done, it will save the information in their file just in case your pup is ever lost.

Finding Rover

Okay, so you know how to get started with the app, but what happens if you really need to ‘find Rover’? You simply send out an alert that goes out to the community of dog lovers, and if someone thinks that they may have found your pup, they will snap a picture, and the facial recognition search will begin scanning files. If it is a match, your contact info will be given to the finder, and they will be able to get in touch with you to bring your furry friend home.

Finding Rover App Screenshots

Who Uses This App?

One of the biggest questions that people ask is how many people are actually using this app? It seems that more and more people are coming on board with it each and every day. Here are just a few of the people that you will find in our community:

  • local shelters
  • veterinarians
  • rescue centers
  • dog organizations
  • social media outlets
  • dog lovers just like you

Go ahead and download Finding Rover today, and you will see just how easy it is to use state of the art facial recognition to ensure that your pup is always able to be found. Every pet owner should take five minutes out of their day to get this app, because one day, it may be too late and you may wish that you had gotten it sooner.

Finding Rover Registration

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One Response

  1. Wow, had no idea such an app existed, wish I had it when I was a kid and my dog disappeared. Anyways, glad to see technology saving the day yet again. I’ll be sure to have this app downloaded just in case one of my dogs ever runs off.

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