We Found the Cutest Dogs on Facebook!

Cutest Dog Contest Facebook

Hello Munch Zoners!

A month ago, we launched the “Cutest Dog Contest” on our Facebook Page.

We asked you to like our page, upload a picture of your dog, and ask all your friends to vote for them.

In total,  we got 328 pictures . Did someone say AWESOME? We did!

Thank you all for participating in this contest, and we hope that you’ll participate again in future contests. We have some exciting things happening soon!

So if you’re reading this, you probably want to know if you’re one of the lucky winners. There are 10 winners, and each one of our winners will receive a $50 “The Munch Zone” Amazon Gift Card.

Amazon 50 Dollars Gift Card

Pretty neat, huh? Our only hope is that they will use the gift card to spoil their dogs with some tastylicious treats, instead of buying some useless books (unless it’s about dog training)!

If you don’t find your name among the winners, no worries! Add your email below and we will let you know about our next contest, coupons and discounts.

Important: All winners must contact us through our message inbox here, and provide us with your full name and address. We will send you your gift card within 14 days.

You’ll notice that some of the previous “vote leaders” were not named as winners. We were able to easily identify and weed out fake votes. Let’s play nice next time. Woof.

So, without further ado, here are the 10 winners who got the most votes [drum roll please]:

The Cutest Dog Contest – Final Winners

1 - Dusan Slepcevic

2 - Paula Gillespie

3 - BC Davison

4 - Diana Castro Flores

5 - Lloyd Lonergan

6 - April Martinez

7 - Janice Cash

8 - Sakeena Barrett

9 - Deborah Farris

10 - Jan V Warner

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One Response

  1. Ah, I missed this. Wish I entered my dog into the mix, I probably could have had a real good chance. Anyways, congrats to the winners, you all have some cute dogs. 😀

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