Free Dog Food Samples, Coupons and Discounts

Free Dog Food Samples, Coupons and Discounts

With so many different types of dog food on the market today, there is no wonder why consumers are looking for free dog food samples. Most pet owners don’t want to buy a food for their dog if they aren’t able to let them try it out to see if it agrees with them first. Some dogs, in fact – more than you would think, have stomach sensitivities and require a special diet. For these dogs, it is sometimes a gamble when you choose a new food. If you are looking to switch your pup to a premium dog food, you may want to look into the following offers. There are some free sample offers, and many coupons, rebates and other incentives that will help you choose the best dog food.

How To Get Free Dog Food Samples, Coupons and Discounts

Free Timberwolf Organics SampleTimberwolf Organics

Timberwolf Organics offers a variety of herbal carnivore specific pet foods. Their approach is to give your dog the diet that nature intended for them, free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. They want your pet to eat good food! Their formulas are made up of the freshest ingredients, and with each bag, they offer a commitment to freshness. Each bag also has natural herbs that help to provide your pet with optimal health and wellness.

You will need to fill out the form to request your free sample. Once you do this, your sample will be on the way!

Free Timberwolf Organics Sample

Free K9 Cuisine SampleK9 Cuisine

K9 Cuisine offers premium quality dog food that offers healthy nutrition to your pet. Their ingredients are disclosed so that you can see everything that makes up this food. It is made up of the freshest, highest quality ingredients, to ensure that the food meets high standards. Aside from dog food, they also have a line of dog treats that you may consider.

You will choose your formula, and you are only responsible for paying the shipping costs. You can choose up to five free samples, but are limited to only one per formula. Once you order and pay the shipping, your samples will arrive by mail.

Free K9 Cuisine Sample

Free Alpo SampleAlpo

Alpo is a Purina brand food. It offers 100% complete and balanced nutrition, high quality ingredients, and an appetizing flavor that your dog is sure to love. Alpo is one of the more economical choices on the market these days, but it is backed by the Purina name brand. Purina is one of the leading names in the pet food industry to this day, and they definitely know what they are doing when it comes to formulating quality foods that your pet is sure to love.

You will need to ‘Like’ them on Facebook, and join the ‘Real Dogs of America’ page. This will earn you a free sample of their foods.

Free Alpo Sample

Free Pet Chef SamplePet Chef

Pet Chef is a locally owned and operated pet food company based out of Tennessee. They take a personal approach when it comes to your pet. When you request a free sample, they bring it by to meet your pet and introduce themselves! Their brand is made fresh, in small batches, to ensure quality and freshness. Benefits include a rejuvenated skin and coat, optical health and joint mobility. It may be worth trying it out.

Pet Chef only offers free samples to people in their delivery area, in the greater Nashville area. Fill out the information, and they will deliver a sample of their food right to your door.

Free Pet Chef Sample

Free Pet Pantry SamplePet Pantry

The Pet Pantry is based out of North Carolina, and they offer healthy nutritious foods that are excellent for active dogs. They offer different formulas for pets in all stages of life, and they even have cat food formulas! One good thing about Pet Pantry is that they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their foods- which is great for people that are leery about switching to a new brand.

Pet Pantry is also geographically limited to their delivery area, which is in North Carolina. Fill out the information, and they will deliver your free sample to you.

Free Pet Pantry Sample

Free Hills Science Diet CouponsHills Science Diet

Hill’s Science Diet is a very popular name brand in the dog food sector! The Hill’s company has been in the dog food industry since the late 1930’s, and they are continuously improving their efforts to make nutrient rich foods that are ideal for dogs, no matter what stage of life they are in. There are many foods to choose from, based on your pet’s specific nutritional needs. Take a look at everything they have to offer, and be sure to take advantage of money saving coupons!

Currently, you can save $7 off any Hill’s Prescription Diet dog food, and $3 off any Hill’s Science Diet dog food.

Free Hills Science Diet Coupons

Free Nutrish CouponNutrish

Nutrish is Rachael Ray’s new line of dog food. It is a premium blend of food that offers a chef inspired taste that pets are sure to enjoy. Her foods are made with real meat, and other natural ingredients. The food is simple, which is usually best. If you have ever been inspired by Rachael Ray in the kitchen, then you might want to let your pup taste a bit of her inspiration! The good news is that she has coupons and other money saving options for her line of foods.

Fill out the information on the page for a $2 off Super Premium Dry Food for Dogs coupon.

Free Nutrish Coupon

Free Nature’s Variety CouponNature’s Variety

Nature’s Variety is most known for their Instinct brand of dog food, however, they have a lot of other varieties as well. Fresh meat is always the first ingredient in their Prairie formulas, and there are never any fillers – only whole food ingredients! Their Instinct formulas offer excellent nutrition, with high protein content, and are grain and gluten free. There is something that your pup is sure to love.

You will enter your information for a $3 off coupon toward your first purchase of Nature’s Variety dog food.

Free Nature’s Variety Coupon

Free Wellness CouponWellness

Finally, we have the Wellness brand. Wellness offers a variety of formulas for you to choose from, including grain free formulas, puppy formulas, both large and small breed adult formulas, and their limited ingredient diet options. No matter your dog’s dietary needs, Wellness is sure to have something that will be ideal for them. Their foods are made with the highest quality standards in mind, and they are all natural! You might want to try them today.

Fill out the form for a $5 coupon toward dry dog food.

Free Wellness Coupon

As you can see, there are many companies that offer discounts, samples and other ways to save on their foods. There are more companies hopping on the bandwagon, so keep an eye out at some of your other favorite foods and check back to see if they are offering free dog food samples. Coupons and other promotions are usually available while quantities last.

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3 Responses

  1. I am an extreme couponer, and I was looking for a few coupons for dog food. These are great suggestions! We change up our dog’s food sometimes, so that he doesn’t get bored with it. We just like to select premium foods, and they are so pricey. Thanks for these money saving coupons!

  2. I’ve been so sick of shelling out enormous amounts of money to try a new food every few months while I try and find the best one for my senior dog. It has gotten very expensive. Thank you, these coupons will go a LONG way.

  3. Thank you for sharing this information! We are looking for a new formula of premium food for our pup, and I have been looking for companies that offer free samples. I really have been anxious to let him try the Wellness brand, so I was excited to see that they offered a coupon!

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