Human Grade Dog Food

Human Grade Dog Food

If you are a concerned pet owner that is looking for the very best food to feed your dog, then you may have heard about human grade dog food. There are two different types of grades that are given to ingredients that are found in many of the commercial dog foods on the market. These include feed grade and human grade. Let’s learn a bit more about both, then we will take a look at some of our top picks for human grade dog food.

Feed Grade Ingredients

When you walk up and down the aisles at your local supermarket and come across the dog food aisle, you will probably find that a majority of the brands use feed grade ingredients in their food. These ingredients are cheaper, therefore making the food cheaper for consumers. Feed grade ingredients are not labeled for human consumption, but they can legally be used in dog food. Some feed grade ingredients are actually made of by-products that would be considered waste products for humans. The quality is really just not where it should be.

Human Grade Ingredients

Now, we have human grade ingredients. These are ingredients that are edible and safe for human beings. Since human foods are far more regulated than pet foods, this says a lot for the foods that contain human grade ingredients. The FDA and the USDA regulates foods to ensure that they are safe for human consumption. Just because a food contains human grade ingredients does not always make it human grade quality overall.

Now that you see the importance of feeding your pet high quality food, and the ins and outs of human grade food, here are our top picks:

5 Best Human Grade Dog Food Picks

#1 Canidae Dry Dog Food

Canidae Dry Dog Food is one of the top choices on the market when it comes to human grade dog food. It is made up of high amounts of meat, with fewer carbohydrates. It is an all-natural, holistic food. The sole protein source found in this food is human grade meat meal. There are many options to choose from.

They have formulas that are designed for all life stages, and some that are specialized for large breeds or small breeds. There are even weight control formulas. You are sure to find something that will suit your dog great in the Canidae line, while still being able to give them food that is made with human grade ingredients. A majority of their dry kibble recipes come in 5, 15 and 30 pound bags for your convenience. Give it a try.

#2 The Honest Kitchen Formulas

The Honest Kitchen has a variety of different formulas, each of which are made with 100% human grade ingredients. They boast that their food is human grade from the farm to the bowl, and it is even FDA approved. All of the whole food ingredients are real and natural. This isn’t your typical dry kibble. With this recipe, you simply add water, and the food is ready to eat in three to five minutes. This is because it is a dehydrated formula.

Most people really just love the fact that it is such a high quality food, so even though it is a bit pricier than many dry kibble options, people like to serve it as a treat every now and then. Also, consider the fact that since it is dehydrated it is actually going to make more food than you would think. One 10 pound container will make up to 40 pounds of prepared dog food.

#3 Tiki Dog Gourmet Whole Food Formulas

Tiki Dog Gourmet Whole Foods are USDA certified for safe human consumption, and they are famous for being extremely palatable. Even the pickiest dog likes this brand of food. It offers appropriate nutrition and is rich in moisture, protein and healthy fats. Each of the ingredients are gourmet prepared, for the best possible taste. If your dog is prone to UTI, IBS, CRF, diabetes or other medical condition, then this is an ideal nutritional choice to help with treatment and prevention.

Many pet foods on the market have about 20% carbohydrates, and sometimes they have even more. This food actually contains only 1% carbohydrates. This is because it is so packed with protein. Just remember, it is a canned formula, so it is probably best to only use it as a supplement to their dry kibble diet.

#4 Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals Formula

Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals is a premium formula that offers your pet optimal nutrition, with a great taste. It is made up of human grade ingredients, with fresh select cuts of boneless meat being the first ingredient, and the main protein source. The Fromm brand keeps their formulas grain free, which is excellent for pups that have sensitive stomachs. It is also free of hormones, medications and other harmful chemicals.

Unlike most of the commercial brands of dog food, Fromm makes each of their foods in small batches, and they are left to slow simmer to lock in flavor. Conventional heating methods include flash heating, which can actually take away from the flavor and freshness of foods. This is definitely something to keep in mind as you shop for human grade dog food.

#5 Great Life Grain Free Dog Food

Great Life Grain Free Dog Food may not be one of the foods that you have heard f in the past. This is a food that is made with a unique blend of raw ingredients that have been freeze dried. The kibbles offer optimal nutrition, and are made up of quality ingredients. Each kibble is coated with ingredients that have been freeze-dried. The ingredients include USDA certified human grade meat, fresh veggies, and easy to digest fruits.

One of the best factors about this formula is that it is not only grain free, but also gluten and potato free. It has only a single source of protein, which makes it easier to digest for dogs that have stomach sensitivities.

What About Homemade Dog Food?

Some people ask us if making their own dog food is a good idea, because so many commercial foods contain low quality ingredients. The truth is, you can make your own pet food to ensure that they get human quality food for each and every meal. The key is to make sure that you use the right ingredients so that your pet gets the nutrients that they need. Sometimes, you may even need to add a canine vitamin and mineral supplement to the homemade food, just to make sure that they are getting all of the nutrients that their body needs to thrive and be healthy. Also, make sure that you consider the foods that are not safe for dogs, such as:

  • onions
  • garlic
  • raisins
  • grapes

These ingredients, and several others, can actually be toxic to your dog. This is something that not every pet owner knows, but these ingredients can cause serious health issues with your pet if you don’t avoid them. Before you add ingredients to your pet’s homemade food, make sure that you do some research to ensure that all of the ingredients are safe for your pet. If you have concerns, just opt for a human grade dog food.

What to Avoid When You Want to Feed Your Pet Human Grade Dog Food

If you are looking into human grade dog food for your pet, then you will want to avoid a few things. This means that you need to read the label before you buy the food. There are a few things to look for that can lower the quality of the food, even if USDA inspected chicken or beef is the first ingredient. These ingredients include:

  • meat meals
  • meat by-products (with the exception of giblets and other organs)
  • preservatives
  • generic animal fats
  • corn gluten meal
  • wheat gluten meal
  • incomplete proteins, such as soy or rice protein

Why Read the Label?

So, why is it so important to read the label on your dog’s food? Pet foods cannot claim to be human grade based on their packaging, because sometimes people may mistake it as being safe for humans to eat. They can discuss their quality ingredients, and they can claim to use only human grade ingredients. The label will also let you see if the food meets the AAFCO standards for quality, complete and balanced nutrition.

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  1. There is no mention of Evermore Food for Dogs, a human grade food, made in a USDA kitchen and sold frozen. This is a fresher and higher quality product that any of the other brands and options
    mentioned in your article. It is difficult for smaller companies without big advertising budgets to become known but the information and product is out there for an motivated consumer.

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