10 Reasons Why Turmeric is Your Dog’s Best Friend

Turmeric for dogs

Turmeric is a spice that is found in the roots of Curcuma Longa, which is also known as the Indian Saffron. It is part of the ginger family. Its uses go back as far as 4000 years, but it has been used often as a flavoring and dye, as well as a medicine, for the past 600 years. In an attempt to go natural with remedies and such, many people have added it to their diet. Studies are also showing that it can offer immense health benefits for dogs as well. If you are considering turmeric for dogs, let’s take a look at some of the many benefits that it has to offer.

Health Benefits of Turmeric for Dogs

1. Turmeric Has Anti-inflammatory Properties

Turmeric has excellent anti-inflammatory properties, making it an excellent herb for dogs that have arthritis and other swelling and inflammation issues. It is supposedly comparable to hydrocortisone and other medicinal anti-inflammatory agents. The best part is that turmeric is 100% natural and safe, without any toxic or negative side effects.

2. Turmeric Works as a Blood Thinner

Turmeric has natural blood thinning properties. This is great news for dogs that are at a high risk for blood clots. The turmeric can actually help to keep the blood flowing smoothly. Just remember, as with anything that thins the blood, it is important to make sure that you stop giving it to your pup at least 24 hours before any type of surgery, because it can be dangerous if their blood is too thin.

3. Turmeric Helps to Reduce Cholesterol

A healthy cholesterol level is not always easy to obtain. Turmeric helps to direct your dog’s cells and boost production of the messenger proteins that create receptors for LDL cholesterol. With more of these receptors, their body will be able to get out more of the LDL cholesterol, or bad cholesterol.

4. Turmeric Stimulates Bile Production

Your dog’s digestion is very important. Sometimes, dogs may have a sensitive digestive tract. With turmeric included in their daily diet, bile production will be stimulated. This helps to ensure proper digestion, since the bile helps to break down dietary fat.

5. Turmeric May Help Fight Cancer

While studies have not determined whether or not turmeric is completely effective at helping a dog fight cancer, it does have some cancer inhibiting properties. It can not only help the body destroy mutated cells, but can also prevent them from spreading. It has even been known to reduce the effects of chemotherapy in dogs, making it easier on those that are fighting a battle with cancer.

6. Turmeric Can Prevent Bacterial Infection

Turmeric comes in many different forms, but typically the form that is added to their food is the powder form. There is also an oil, which acts as an antibiotic and helps to prevent bacterial infections in and around wounds. If you want to try an antibiotic that doesn’t have the side effects of a prescription, then why not give this oil a try? Even if you don’t want to try an oil, just simply providing your pet with the powdered form in their food (15 to 20 mg per pound of body weight in dogs) will still help to fight off pesky bacterial infections.

7. Turmeric Naturally Detoxes Their Body

As we learned earlier, the traditional uses of turmeric date back to traditional Asian medicine. They used this spice because it had the ability to detox the body. It has powerful detoxifying properties.  Everyone knows just how important it is to detox from time to time, and it is just as important for pups. With regular use of turmeric, they will be able to keep the toxins away, thus becoming healthier in the long run.

8. Turmeric is Rich in Vitamins, Minerals & Fiber

Your dog’s diet should be chocked full of vitamins and minerals, and should also contain an adequate amount of fiber. By giving them turmeric as a supplement, you will be able to increase their dietary fiber intake, and you will also be able to provide them with adequate amounts of vitamins B6, potassium and manganese. The importance of these vital core nutrients cannot be underestimated. Without proper vitamins and other nutrients, your dog may become malnourished. This can lead to a plethora of other health problems as well, but it easily avoidable with the right daily dietary intake.

9. Turmeric Aids in Metabolic Health

Next, you will find that it helps to boost your dog’s metabolism. It naturally boosts their metabolic rate, which can aid in weight loss. If your pet suffers from obesity, then it may be time to add turmeric to their diet. This weight loss booster can be just what they need to get back down to a healthy weight range. If your pup is overweight, you should also talk to your veterinarian about other ways to help get them healthy and keep them active.

10. Turmeric Works as a Pain Reliever

Another great reason to use turmeric for dogs is because it aids in pain relief. If your pup is in pain, you will want to do whatever you can to help alleviate it. Since turmeric is all natural, you can use it instead of giving narcotic pain relief to your furry friend. If your dog has any type of illness or ailment that they suffer from, adding this spice to their diet can help tremendously.

As you can see, turmeric is a great addition to your dog’s daily dietary intake. It offers so many great benefits, and if you aren’t using it with your dog, you don’t know what you are missing out on. It really is an investment in their overall health and wellness. Whether you feed your pup commercial kibble, a homemade recipe, or gourmet canned meals, it is easy to add this spice in. It is safe to use every day, and a little bit goes a long way.

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