Do Cats Love Their Owners?

Do Cats Love Their Owners

One thing that people often wonder is whether or not cats really love their owners. The truth is, cats can be picky animals. They are often picky about the foods they eat, where they sleep, how sanitary their litter box is kept, and sometimes they are even picky about the people that they prefer to be around.

I don’t know if you have ever experienced this, but in our home, we have three cats. One of them is really attached to me, and doesn’t like anyone else that lives in our house! She sometimes doesn’t like me, she is moody and you really just never know who she is going to like on any given day of the week. But the question still remains, do cats love their owners?

The answer is YES. Your cat loves you.

5 Ways That Cats Show Their Love and Affection



That’s right. When your cat purrs, they are generally showing delight with their current situation. If they are sitting on your lap cuddling and purring, chances are they are loving you a whole lot! Sometimes, purrs may start out soft, but they can get pretty loud too. You can rest assured a purring cat is a happy cat that is expressing their love the best way they know how. Click here to learn more about why cats purr.



We know just how frustrating it can be for your cat to press their sharp claws into your leg, arm or abdomen, over and over, but they are just kneading. Kneading is instinctive for cats, and it is something that they learn as newborn kittens when they are nursing. Typically, adults will still knead from time to time when they are feeling especially loved or relaxed. It is a way for them to show their love and appreciation back. They aren’t trying to cause you pain.



Have you ever awoken to a toy or bug, or maybe even a frog or a lizard on your doorstep? If so, then chances are your cat is showing you appreciation by bringing you a ‘gift’. Granted, most of the time these gifts are unwelcomed gifts, but they are still gifts. Think of it as ‘it’s the thought that matters’. While you may be frustrated when you open your front door to see the hundredth frog, they wouldn’t bring you any ‘gifts’ if they didn’t really love you!



Has your cat ever come up to you and rubbed your cheek or head bumped your face? If so, they were doing it to leave their scent on you. This is a behavior that has been given the term bunting. It is an expression of affection, and is mostly used from one cat to another, but it is something that they do to the humans they love as well.



If your cat loves to play with you, then consider yourself loved. Kittens, however, typically play because they really enjoy it. Cats, however, will often times not play as much as they would when they were a kitten. That is, unless of course they really love you. Then, they may actually take some time to play with you- for old time’s sake of course!

If your cat doesn’t do any of these things, it by no means indicates a lack of love! The truth is, if you pay your cats attention and spend time with them, feed them, give them water, and care for them when they need you, they are going to love you. They will grow to have a loving bond with you as their caregiver.

Now, if you don’t spend much time with your cat, or you forget to feed him often, or leave him outside on a freezing cold night, he may try to find another family to show love.

Just remember, if you show your cat some love and affection, they will likely show it in return- unlike dogs who typically show their love to everyone regardless. This has to do with their picky personalities.

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