Free Cat Food Samples and Coupons

Free Cat Food Samples and Coupons

Getting high quality, nutritious food for your cat isn’t always cheap. Sure, there are some foods that are less expensive, but you typically get what you pay for. If you are just a frugal shopper looking for ways to save money on your premium cat food, then you have come to the right place! We will take a look at some of the top brands that offer free cat food samples and coupons to help you save a good deal of money.

Here are a few of the offers that are currently available:

#1 – Rachael Ray Nutrish

Rachel Ray Nutrish CouponRachael Ray has a line of pet foods for both cats and dogs, and it is called Nutrish. She offers chef inspired dishes that are sure to tantalize your cat’s taste buds. You can choose from her Natural Dry cat food or the Natural Wet cat food in several flavor options.

The Offer: There are two offers for Rachael Ray’s Nutrish cat food. You can either choose from a $2.00 off coupon for her Natural Dry Cat Food, or a Buy 2, Get 1 Free coupon on her Natural Wet Cat Food.

Rachel Ray Cat food offers

#2 – Purina

Purina Free SamplePurina is one of the most well-known names in the pet food industry. They have a variety of products available for kittens all the way up to senior cats. One of the products that they are popular for is their Healthy Weight cat food that helps to promote a healthy weight for your beloved friend.

The Offer: If you are willing to take the Healthy Weight Pledge, you can get a free sample of their Healthy Weight Cat Food. If your cat has weight issues, this is a great food to try out. It can help stabilize their weight and get them healthy again. Start by taking the pledge so that you can get your free sample.

Purina Free Sample

#3 – Flint River Ranch

Flint River Ranch Free SampleFlint River Ranch produces super premium cat and dog foods. They have natural formulas that are manufactured carefully to ensure proper nutrition, digestion and palatability of their foods. Quality is of the utmost concern to them.

The Offer: To receive Flint River Ranch Grain-Free Cat Food samples, all you have to pay is the cost of shipping and handling, which is $4.50. You can choose from a variety of different recipes and flavor options as well.

Flint River Ranch Free Sample

#4 – The Honest Kitchen

The Honest Kitchen SampleThe Honest Kitchen has a line of dehydrated cat foods that are available in two formulas. They are grain free, and offer a high amount of protein. The ingredients are things that you will probably recognize in your own kitchen. The good news is that they use 100% human grade ingredients, which means optimal quality for your cat.

The Offer: For a free sample of The Honest Kitchen cat food, you need to look them up on Facebook and like their page. Then, print a voucher for a free sample of the product to a store in your area that carries THK products.

The Honest Kitchen Sample

#5 – The Pet Pantry

The Pet Pantry Free SampleThe Pet Pantry is a regional pet food company that is based out of North Carolina. They are the leader in pet nutrition in the state, and they boast 100% natural and holistic cat food that is delivered right to your door. If you want a different pet food experience, then you definitely want to consider Pet Pantry.

The Offer: If you live in the Pet Pantry delivery area, which covers parts of North Carolina, you can request a free sample of their cat food. Simply fill out their request form, and they will deliver it to your door.

The Pet Pantry Free Sample

#6 – Friskies by Purina

Friskies CouponFriskies is offered by Purina, and they are backed by that popular name that most all pet owners have grown to love and trust. They offer wet and dry food formulas in several different flavor options. With so many options, you are bound to find something that will suit their taste buds.

The Offer: They offer a Buy One, Get One Free coupon for the Friskies SauceSations. If you have been wanting to let your cat try this saucy dinner, then now is your chance. Just fill out the form with your information, and you will gain access to the coupon.

Friskies Coupon

#7 – 9Lives

9Lives Coupon9Lives has been in the cat food industry for quite some time now, and they have a variety of foods available. They have several dry foods for you to consider, along with over 25 different wet food flavors.

The Offer: They have an offer now when you Buy 1 9Lives Dry Cat Food, you get 2 cans of wet food for free. That is a Buy One Get Two Free offer! Simply click on the link below, and you will find the printable coupon.

9Lives Coupon

#8 – AvoDerm

AvoDerm CouponAvoDerm takes a different approach to premium cat food. They offer foods that are meant to leave your cat with a soft, silky coat, and healthy skin. They have both canned and dry food formulas for you to choose from, and something from kittens to adult cats!

The Offer: Get $5.00 off of your first bag of AvoDerm Cat food. All you have to do is sign up for their free newsletter, and you will get a coupon that can be printed and used at participating locations.

AvoDerm Coupon

#9 – Goodlife

GoodLife CouponThe Goodlife brand uses chicken or salmon as their #1 ingredient in all of their cat foods. They also take a natural approach to your pet’s nutrition. If you haven’t given their brand a try just because you haven’t heard of them before, then you don’t know what your cat is missing out on.

The Offer: Get a $1.00 off one bag of Goodlife Dry food for cats by simply clicking on the link below and printing the coupons. It really is that easy to get your coupon.

GoodLife Coupon

#10 – Pro Pac SuperPremium Pet Food

Pro Pac SuperPremium pet foodPro Pac SuperPremium Coupon offers optimal nutrition. They have foods for adult cats, kittens, and even weight management programs. If better nutrition and higher quality ingredients are what you are looking for, then consider Pro Pac.

The Offer: To get a $2.00 coupon off of Pro Pac Super premium pet food, you just need to click the link below and fill out your information. A coupon will be sent to your email so that you can print it out.

Pro Pac SuperPremium Coupon

As you can see, there are a variety of coupons and free sample options for you to choose from. Promotional offers and coupons are subject to change at any time. Check up on the foods that you are most interested in so that you don’t miss out on the deals! These free cat food samples and coupons definitely make it easier for you to provide your kitty with optimal nutrition without breaking the bank.

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One Response

  1. One of my two 13 year old cats is getting very fussy about what dry food he will eat (they will only eat dry food, or lick off gravy from wet food!) and he has to have numerous small amounts per day or. He is sick – though the vet says he is healthy. I was hoping for small samples of a good nutritious dry food, as purchasing large bags and not knowing if he will eat it, would be too expensive. I hope I can get some samples of various tastes and would be happy to pay a nominal fee to try them out on our cat. many thanks.

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