How to Keep Cats Off Furniture

How to Keep Cats Off Furniture

There’s no way around it. Cats love to be on furniture. Whether they’re curled up in your favorite chair or sprawled out on the couch or bed, our favorite places to lounge are often also theirs. So how do you reclaim your home and the belongings within it, and make sure your kitty knows once and for all that the furniture is not for them to sit on? You’ll know after following these tips on how to keep cats off furniture.

Protecting The Furniture

While you’re still training your cat to stay off the furniture, you’ll need to protect it in some way. Your cat is going to try to sit and sleep on it many, many times before they’re finally trained to stay off of it and you need to make sure your furniture won’t suffer the consequences for it. A few ways you can protect your furniture are:

  • Place something over the furniture. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a bed sheet, blanket, or plastic cover, as long as it will keep your furniture out of direct contact with your cat. There are custom covers you can purchase that will blend right in with your couch but are still easily removable. Before investing in these remember that they can be expensive and may not really be necessary. After all, you’re trying to protect your valuables, not buy more just to have them ruined.
  • Use double-sided tape. This tape has proven to be very effective when placed along the arms and backs of furniture you want to keep your cat off of. They won’t like the sticky feeling when they jump onto it, and it will also deter them from scratching at it. Remember that double-sided tape should not be used on leather furniture, as it can sometimes rip the leather.
  • Aluminum foil. Not only will aluminum foil be considerably less comfortable than that plush warm cushion, cats hate the crinkly sound foil makes when it moves around – as it will be if your cat tries to sit on it. Place a few large pieces in your cat’s favorite spots and over time, they will start to associate that spot with that sound, even when the foil isn’t there.
  • Keep your orange peels. Cats hate the smell of oranges so don’t throw out those peels! Instead place them in a shallow dish and place that dish around the area of the places you want to keep them away from.

How to Keep Cats Off Furniture Through Training

So of course you know that in order to keep your cat off the furniture you’re going to need to train them to stay away from it. But other than continually lifting your cat out of your spot and saying “No,” what are you supposed to do? Here are some basic training techniques that have been proven to be very effective when keeping cats away from furniture as well as other areas that are off-limits to them.

  • Water bottles. Keep a spray bottle filled with water nearby and every time the cat tries to jump onto the furniture spray them with the water bottle. This won’t hurt or even frighten them in any way; it will just be annoying enough to get them to stop.
  • Never use loud sounds such as a bell or whistle to get your cat off the furniture. It’s effective in getting your cat off the furniture, but it will also frighten the cat and make them associate that noise with trauma every time they hear it, even when the doorbell innocently rings.
  • Lightly flick their nose. Very lightly flick the cat’s nose every time they try to get up on the furniture. You can try saying, “No,” while doing this, but it is known that cats aren’t nearly as responsive to this command as dogs are.
  • Choose a spot for them. If there’s a chair or other area that you don’t mind your cat hanging out on, such as the chair you like to cuddle with them on, let them know it. Put them up on it while petting them. You can also place a bit of catnip on the furniture to let them know it’s okay for them to share that spot with you.
  • Make them their own area. Even better than one spot on the couch or one chair in the living room is an entire area that’s just for them. This can be made of a large pillow, a bed, toys, and even a scratching post. Let them know that this is their area by placing catnip around it and making it as comfortable as possible for them.
  • Start from the beginning. If you’ve already had a cat for months and have let them up on the furniture and anywhere they’ve wanted to go, it’s going to be much more difficult to get them off the furniture than if you had just always kept them off it from the beginning. The first time your cat tries to get up on the furniture, stop it from happening and they will quickly come to learn this is not proper behavior.

Having cats up on the furniture can lead to hairs in your food, on your clothes, and all over everything you own. It’s no wonder so many cat owners are often left wondering how to keep cats off furniture. Once you’ve decided that you want your favorite spots to be yours again, follow these tips to reclaim your home and put your kitty back in their place.

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