Spoil Them Silly: 20 Inspiring Gifts for Dogs

Inspiring Gifts for Dogs

Last week we celebrated International Dog Day, aka: Spoil Your Pup Silly Day! Nothing is more fun than presenting your dog with a new toy to enjoy (or destroy, depending on the size of the teeth!) But the same old balls, bones, and ropes can be a bit boring. Bored Panda pulled together this list of ‘20 Creative Gift Ideas For Your Dog’. These will make pretty awesome holiday gifts as well so stock up now!

Say Cheese! Rogz Grinz Ball

Outdoor Fun Doggie Fountain

On the road again: Auto Zip Line

For the hipster dogs: Humunga Stache Durable Dog Toy

For the doggy divas: The Dogbrella

Digital Doggies Petchatz – Interactive Pet-Cam

Decorative Comfort: Library Sofa Dog Bed

Because the grass is always greener: Dog Peek

The guard tower: Dog House / Fort

The guard tower: Dog HouseFort

Sleep in style: A Luxury Dog Bed

Sleep in style: A Luxury Dog Bed

Sharing is caring: Pet and Person Rocking Chair

Sharing is caring: Pet and Person Rocking Chair

Separation Anxiety: Bedside Table / Dog House

Resting Comfortably: Dog House Sofa

Planning a remodel? Include this awesome Indoor Dog House

Planning a remodel? Include this awesome Indoor Dog House

Hot Days: Dog Pool

Hitting the road: Pet Trailers

Hideaway dog bowls: for the classy bunch Dog Food Drawer

Dapper Dons: Dog Necktie Collar

Constant Entertainment: Fish Tank Dog House

A permanent fixture: Kitchen Dog Bowls

Which idea did you like the most?
Tell us in the comments below!

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One thought on “Spoil Them Silly: 20 Inspiring Gifts for Dogs

  1. Oh wow, that fish tank dog house is so cool. I think I’d rather live in there, haha! But seriously, I love a lot of these items and my dogs would love some of these. Not sure about the in car dog zipline, might scare my dogs. Anyways, love this list, thanks for sharing!

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