10 Reasons Why Your Next Dog Should Be a Rescue

Homeless Dog for Adoption

If you have never considered adopting a rescue pet from your local animal shelter, then you really should take a look at the many advantages of doing so. Getting a dog for your family can be one of the best decisions that you will ever make.

There are many options, and while some people want to buy a puppy from a designer breeder, there is far more good that comes with getting a rescue pet.

10 (of many) Reasons Why Your Next Dog Should Be a Rescue

You Will Save a Life

First and foremost, when you adopt a dog from a local animal shelter you will save a life. This is a fact. Did you know that animal shelters often times run out of room in their shelter, and many of their rescue pets only have a short window of opportunity to be rescued before they are euthanized? By adopting a pet from the shelter, you can save their life and give them a chance to have a loving family. This is probably the key reason why so many people choose to adopt.

You Can Help Control Overpopulation

Each year, there are thousands upon thousands of puppies born, and many of them will end up homeless. There is a huge animal overpopulation problem right now, but when you adopt from shelters, you will typically get a pet that has already been spayed or neutered, and that helps to cut down on the overpopulation.

You Won’t Contribute to Puppy Mills

When you buy from designer breeders, you are basically feeding into these money hungry puppy mills. Many of these breeders breed dogs throughout the year just to make money off of them. With so many pets that need loving homes, it just makes sense to give homes to the pets that are already here in need of a home.

You Can Skip the Nuisance Puppy Stage

One advantage that comes with getting a rescue pup is that you can choose an adult dog. That means that you can skip over the puppy stage altogether. Some people really want a dog, but don’t want to deal with the house breaking, constant chewing and destruction that comes along with a puppy. By getting an adult, you will likely save a few pairs of your shoes- at the very least!

You Can Choose from a Large Selection of Breeds

At any given moment, your local animal shelter probably has a lot of different breeds for you to choose from. You will be able to choose from a wide range of ages and breeds, so you are sure to find the perfect pup for your family. Some pet finder services will even help you choose the pets that will be most compatible with your family, based on your answers to a few questions. They can match you with a breed based on temperament, upkeep and cost. This is really beneficial, especially for families with children. They will also be able to give a recommendation based on their experiences with the rescue dogs in their facilities.

You Will Get a Healthy Pet

When dogs are taken to an animal shelter, they are checked out thoroughly by a veterinarian. Typically, if they have some sort of serious ailment, they will not be put out for adoption. That means that you don’t run the risk of getting a pet that has health problems. Sure, there are some that are available with certain types of health issues, but the shelter is always up front about this because they want to ensure that any dog with a health concern goes to a home that is able to care for them properly.

You Will Support Your Local Animal Shelter

Your local animal shelter likely runs off of limited funds. A majority of their financial support comes from people in the community that adopt pets or donate to their cause. It isn’t cheap to run an animal shelter, that’s for sure. With your support, they can keep the doors open and continue to help rescue animals and save lives in your local community.

You Can Save Money

Not sure if you have taken a look at the cost to buy a designer breed dog lately, but it can be quite pricey. Some can even cost in the thousands. You can actually save a great deal of money by adopting from a local shelter. Many times, they will only charge a small rehoming fee that covers the cost of getting the dog spayed or neutered, and the costs of their immunizations. Typically, you can get out the door with your new pup and only spend around $50, unless of course you want to donate more money just to help out the shelter.

Your Decision Can Encourage Others to Do the Same

When you tell your friends and family about your rescue dog, and all of the great benefits that come along with choosing a dog from a shelter, you will be able to encourage them to do the same, and then the benefits are two-fold.

Rescue Dog

As you can see, there are many reasons why your next dog should be a rescue dog. Instead of buying from a breeder, why not take a trip to your local shelter to see all of the pets that they have for adoption? You are sure to find the perfect pup for your family, and the life that you save will become a loved and cherished member of your family.

Click here for a list of pet adoption websites.

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3 Responses

  1. Rescue dogs all the way! It makes me so sad when people spend thousands of dollars on pure bread dogs with health problems and parents treated poorly in puppy mills, while there are a million beautiful dogs in need of a home in our local shelters. So glad you are promoting adoption!

  2. I can’t stand when people get puppies, because overpopulation is such a big deal these days. Especially how many people get rid of their dogs because they can’t handle the puppy stage. At least with a rescue, you know what you’re getting.

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