15 Reasons Why a Dog is a Great Investment

Reasons to Get a Dog

If you don’t already have a dog and know the joys that come along with it, here are a few reasons why you should invest in one:

#1 – Dogs Empathize With Your Emotions

Have you ever noticed that dogs are much more likely to approach someone that seems to be upset or distressed? This is because they are very empathetic, and they are also really eager to help people that are hurting or in need.

#2 – Dogs Help Cut Down on Stress

Believe it or not, dogs can actually help you to cut down on your stress levels. In fact, some people even take their pups to the office with them, and have found that it helps to cut down on their work related stress, and boost their mood at work.

#3 – Dogs Can Detect Seizures

There are many service dogs out there that actually help to detect seizures in people. Sometimes, they can even warn them hours before the seizure happens. This allows them to get to a safe place and get help if they need it.

#4 – Dogs Can Detect Cancer

That’s right! Aside from being able to detect seizures, they can also detect cancer. This is due to their uncanny sense of smell. They are usually anywhere between 70 and 99% accurate in their detections. This is incredible!

#5 – Dogs Can Detect Hypoglycemia

If you have low blood sugar, then a dog can sometimes detect this as well. They can either alert you that your glucose levels are dropping, or alert someone else that you need help. They could save your life.

#6 – Dogs Keep You Active

Do you have those days that you just want to sit around and be lazy? If you have a dog, you will likely be taking him out for walks and helping him to stay active, therefore keeping yourself active at the same time.

#7 – Dogs Have a Tendency to Get Dirty

Wait a minute, hold up! How can this be a good thing? Well, the truth is, dogs actually bring in dirt and germs from outside, and it can help to boost your children’s immunity! This can result in fewer runny noses and coughs!

#8 – Dogs Can Detect Allergens

If you have any type of allergies, then your dog may be able to pick up on it. If they sense a particular allergen in a room, they can alert you so that you will be able to stay safe.

#9 – Dogs Can Help You Be More Social

Humans are made to be social beings, but sometimes we hermit up inside of our homes and don’t do much socializing. With a dog, you are likely to get out more and approach people easier than you used to.

#10 – Dogs Can Prevent Eczema

According to certain medical studies, children that live in homes with dogs are not as likely to develop eczema. They aren’t too sure as to why this is the case, but it seems to make a big impact.

#11 – Dogs Can Help PTSD

If you, or someone you know, suffers from PTSD, a dog can be a tremendous help! Dogs offer companionship, and they also help people to become more social and work through their emotional issues.

#12 – Dogs Will ‘Lick Your Wounds’

We mean this one both literally and figuratively! While dogs will help to make you feel better when you are down and out, they will also literally lick your wounds! Did you know that saliva helps to stimulate muscles and nerves, and boost oxygen absorption to your cells?

#13 – Dogs Can Reduce the Risk of Heart Issues

The American Heart Association has been studying the relationship between dog owners and heart disease. There is actually a significantly less risk for those that own dogs, because they get more exercise and have less stress!

#14 – Dogs Can Help You Battle Depression

If you are depressed, having a dog can help you deal with it. They show you unconditional love, and they will always be there for you – even on your worst of days!

#15 – Dogs are Just Too Doggone Precious!

Okay, so last, but definitely not least- dogs really are just too cute! They will always do something that will have you laughing, but they will also be right there for you anytime you need them. They are just the perfect companion.

It is easy to see why they say that a dog is man’s best friend! If you are still unsure of whether or not a dog is right for your family, just take a trip to your local animal shelter and take a look at the pups available for adoption! You are sure to fall in love instantly!

Cute Puppy

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3 Responses

  1. Not sure why these things have anything to do with money as the title suggests… but they sure are good reasons to adopt a dog.

  2. We are pet lovers, but we have really just been all about cats in the past. We have three cats, and we haven’t had a dog in years since ours was hit by a car. I really think it is time for us to look into adopting a dog. I really miss the unconditional love that they have to offer. Cats always hold grudges, but dogs are just lovable!

  3. These are great reasons why you should add a dog to your family! Our little bundle of joy has been with us for four weeks now, and he has already brought our family so much happiness. I don’t see how any family would really feel complete without a furry companion!

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