Best Indestructible Dog Toys for Tough Chewers

Best Indestructible Dog Toys

Are you tired of buying toy after toy after toy for your dog, just for it to end up used and abused by them? If you are having to throw out toys left and right because your dog destroys them by chewing on them, then you have come to the right place! There are a variety of different toys out there that are made to last. If you need indestructible dog toys, we can help!

Why Spend More on Durable Dog Toys?

Some people say it is about 6 of one and half a dozen of the other when it comes to buying durable dog toys vs cheap dog toys. The truth is, if you buy indestructible dog toys, there are an awful lot of benefits. First of all, consider that some of the more durable toys aren’t that expensive. This is just a common misconception. If you are looking for other reasons to buy indestructible toys, here are a few:

  • it allows your pet to find and keep a ‘favorite toy’
  • you won’t make frequent trips to replace toys
  • over time, you will save money
  • you don’t have to buy the most expensive toys

Now, without further ado, let’s look at our favorites:

Top 10 Indestructible Dog Toys Picks

#1 – Goughnuts Guaranteed Indestructible Dog Toy

What better way to start out than with a GUARANTEED indestructible dog toy? Goughnuts Guaranteed Indestructible Dog Toy is a virtually indestructible chew toy, with a guarantee! It was designed by polymer and mechanical engineers. If your dog chews through and exposes the inner layer of the chew toy, the company will replace it for you.

It is as simple as that, and it also floats, so it makes a good water toy as well. Best of all, it is affordable, so it won’t break your bank.

#2 – Virtually Indestructible Best Ball for Dogs

If your dog really loves playing with balls, but you simply can’t find a ball that they can’t destroy, then the Virtually Indestructible Best Ball for Dogs is a great choice. It is available in various different sizes, ranging from 4.5” to 14”.

It is made up of a hard, thick polyethylene plastic that will last a lifetime- guaranteed. Price will vary based on the size ball you choose, and it is best to choose a size that is going to be comparable to your dog’s size. Your dog will love the enjoyment that comes along with this ball, because they can chase it around for hours without destroying it.

#3 – West Paw Design Guaranteed Tough Large Tux Dog Toy

The West Paw Design Guaranteed Tough Large Tux Dog Toy comes in a vibrant orange tangerine color. It is guaranteed tough, and you can even stuff it with treats! It is free of rubber, latex, phalate and toxins. If you are trying to find a toy that will be able to be cleaned easily, then this is a great one to choose.

It is dishwasher safe, so all you have to do is put it on the top shelf of the dishwasher, and let the cycle run and it will be clean and ready for them to play with again.

#4 – KONG Extreme Dog Toy

The KONG Extreme Dog Toy comes in a variety of different colors and sizes. The sizes range from small to XX Large. It is made up of an ultra strong and durable rubber compound, and is recommended for dogs that are tough chewers. It is perfect to stuff with treats, and it helps to decrease boredom and alleviate separation anxiety.

If your dog loves fetch, this one is fun because it has an unpredictable bounce that will have them in anticipation each and every time you throw it.

#5 – Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Diamond Plate Orbee Ball

The Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Diamond Plate Orbee Ball is a buoyant ball that offers a lot of bounce, and it has a minty scent to it that is pleasant for your dog.

It is recyclable, and your dog will be able to chew on it for hours without tearing it up. It comes in silver and orange, and is pretty affordable as well. It is hollow on the inside, so it squishes well, making it a great chew toy for those that love to chew nonstop.

#6 – Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Football

Another Great Planet Dog Orbee Tuff toy that you will want to consider is the football! It is also made up of their Orbee-Tuff compound, which by the way is an award winning material when it comes to durability.

It looks and feels like a football, and it makes a great interactive toy for you and your pup. If they love fetch, they will love this! It also has a minty scent, like the orbee ball.

#7 – Petstages Just for Fun No Stuffing Plus Big Squeak Elephant for Large Dogs

Don’t you just hate how when you get your dog a stuffed toy, typically after a day or so they will have the stuffing all over the house? That won’t happen with the Petstages Just for Fun No Stuffing Plus Big Squeak Elephant. It is designed for large dogs. They have several options to choose from as well, not just the elephant.

They have the gator, zebra and others as well. Just because it has no stuffing doesn’t mean it isn’t a great toy. It still has an awesome squeak, and a plush exterior.

#8 – Tuffy Ultimates Flyer Dog Toy

The Tuffy Ultimates Flyer Dog Toy isn’t your average dog Frisbee. It comes in a variety of different colors, and works much like a Frisbee. It is machine washable, and you can air dry it. It also floats!

It is extremely tough, considering the fact that it is a soft toy. It even has a veterinarian seal of approval and recommendation.

#9 – JW Pet Company Chompion Heavyweight Dog Toy

If you want a toy that is going to promote healthy teeth and gums, then don’t overlook the JW Pet Company Chompion Heavyweight Dog Toy. It is flexible, but made of hard rubber. It will last and last, and is great for playing fetch, or one on one play.

It is suitable for large breeds, and is infused with a vanilla extract to keep your dog engaged. It is also affordable, and available in varied sizes, from lightweight to heavyweight.

#10 – Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole with Braided Fleece Toss Lure

While at first glance, you may think this is a cat toy, it is a really fun toy for your dog. It is made up of a durable braided fleece lure, and a pole. It is great when it comes to training your dog, and it can be used with dogs of all sizes.

If you are looking for something that will offer mental and physical exercise, then this is definitely a toy to consider. It is an indestructible dog toy that is made with durability in mind.

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