Why Does My Cat Bite Me?

Why Does My Cat Bite Me?

Cats are really loving animals, and they love to show their affection in various different ways. Sometimes, they will show their love for you by nuzzling their head or body up against you. Other times, they will purr, knead or wink. Did you know that another way for them to show love is through biting? Many cat owners call these nibbles ‘love bites’, but sometimes they bite just a little bit harder than they realize, and that is when it gets out of hand.

Is it a ‘Love Bite’?

First, you need to make sure it is, in fact, a love bite, and not an aggressive bite. Love bites are typically gentle bites, and they do it most when you are playing with them or petting them. They may start out with licking, and it can quickly turn into biting. It is just their way of letting you know that they love you. Or, sometimes, they may be just trying to let you know that you are playing a little bit too rough for them.

Some cats are really sensitive in certain areas, with the lower back portion right at the base of their tail being one of the most common sensitive spots on cats. They may not be able to handle scratches and rubs in this area. If they are overwhelmed, they may nip you to let you know that they have had enough.
Cat Love Bites

Aggressive Bites

While affectionate bites are most common, some cats may actually bite to bite, but that doesn’t happen too often. Typically, they must feel that they are in some way being threatened in order to be provoked to bite aggressively. Other reasons that may cause an aggressive bite include:

  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Painful medical conditions

The good news is that there are warning signs that will make it evident that your cat may be able to bite aggressively. These warning signs include:

  • Hissing
  • Growling
  • Flattened ears
  • Wagging tail
  • Puffed out hair
  • Tense body position

If you notice these signs, then you may want to back away before you get bitten. Now that you know a bit more about why your cat bites you, it is time to take a look at how to get them to stop.

How to Get Your Cat to Stop Biting

To get your cat to stop biting you, you will need to train them effectively. One of the best ways that you can do this is to stop play fighting with them. Sometimes, play fighting can actually encourage the aggression. If your cat enjoys playing rough, let them do it with a toy. If they are biting you, stop playing with them and walk away. It is important to get a good hold on this at a young age, because if you don’t it could get worse with age. If they continue to be aggressive with you, it may be time to talk to your veterinarian.

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2 Responses

  1. A while back a friend of mine had a cat that would bite, but it was because she got another cat at some point and introduced it. The old cat would sit in her children’s closet and bite anyone who tried to pet it. So I used this as a lesson in a way to not get a new cat when one cat isn’t feeling good about his/her living situation.

    Thanks for the info.

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