How to Find The Best Dog Beds

Best Dog Beds

Having somewhere to lay your head down and go to sleep is really important to you, right? Well, it is equally important for your dog. While some dogs may like to curl up on the couch, or maybe even in your bed, it is important for them to have a bed that they can call their own. Let’s take a closer look at why it is important for your dog to have their own bed, and some tips for choosing the best dog beds.

Why Should My Dog Have Their Own Bed?

Truthfully, even if you have a bed for your dog, they will probably wind up in your bed from time to time. While you may love having them close, and they may love being there, it doesn’t discount their need for their own bed. There are actually a few benefits that come along with your dog having their own bed. They include:

  • offers a sense of security
  • gives them a special place to rest away from others
  • provides comfort
  • keeps fur and dander off of your bed
  • reduces allergens in the home

Now that you see the importance of having a bed for your pup, let’s take a closer look at what factors to consider when choosing the best dog beds.

#1 – Consider their sleeping habits: some pets like to sleep curled up and want to feel protected. Others may like to stretch out. This is something that you need to consider before you buy a dog bed. If they like to have security, then a bolster bed may be the best option. If they like to sprawl out, maybe a cot bed would be more suffice.
#2 – Consider their size and energy level: the size of the bed that you choose should be adequate considering the size of your dog. Typically, you can find most beds in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of all breeds and sizes. Bigger dogs, however, may need something more durable- especially if they are chewers. You may want to choose an indestructible dog bed that is built tough if you are worried about them shredding the bed to pieces.
#3 – Consider your budget: whether we like to admit it, our budget will play a big part in our purchasing decisions. Some dog beds may be more costly than others, so it really is a matter of what you can afford. The good news is that there are some quality pet beds available to meet every budget need.
#4 – Consider the pet bed styles: there are several different types of pet beds for you to choose from. You may consider an orthopedic bed that is designed for comfort for older dogs with arthritis or joint pain. It gives them added cushion and is great when comfort is high on your priority list. There are also donut, or bolster beds. These have a side support around part of all of the bed, giving your dog an added sense of security and also giving them a place to rest their head, kind of like a pillow! For dogs that like to stretch out and sleep, a cushion bed may be appropriate. They are usually available in all different sizes to meet your specific needs. If your dog has trouble staying warm, they may need a heated pet bed. These are especially good for dogs that spend time outdoors during the cold months. Finally, you have pet cots, which are ideal for dogs that like to be elevated when they are lying down.

As you can see, there are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to choosing the best dog beds. Now that you know what you are looking for, here are a few of our top picks.

Top 10 Best Dog Beds


Regalo My Cot Portable Bed

Regalo My Cot Portable Bed

#1 – Regalo My Cot Portable Bed

If you are looking for a bed that is made to last, then this is a good one to consider. This is a cot style bed that is raised, and easy to take on the go. It is good if you like to take your pet traveling with you, because it is a fold and go style. The frame is constructed entirely of steel, and the liner is made of reinforced canvas for added durability.

It also comes with a fitted sheet and matching travel case that can be easily thrown into the washing machine. Whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor use, this is a great option.

Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed

Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed

#2 – Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed

This is another cot style bed that is elevated with a breathable mesh fabric that helps to keep your pet cool. It is ideal for warm summer months, especially if your pet stays outdoors. The powder coated steel frame is sturdy, but light weight making it easy for you to move around. It doesn’t fold up like the Regalo, but if you are looking for a bed that is sturdy and easy to assemble for home or outdoors, then this is definitely a good option.

It has non slip rubber feet for the legs to prevent scratches on your floor and keep it from moving around. It is ideal for dogs of all sizes, as you can choose from three different size options.

Majestic Pet 52” Suede Bagel Dog Bed

Majestic Pet 52” Suede Bagel Dog Bed

#3 – Majestic Pet 52” Suede Bagel Dog Bed

If style and comfort are your two main priorities, consider the Majestic Pet 52” Suede Bagel dog bed. It has a heavy duty, water proof base with a bolstered cushioned bed. It is stuffed with a high quality polyester fiber fill. An added perk is that it is machine washable, making it easy to clean.

If you have a bigger dog, then the 52” is a great choice, but they also have it available in other sizes, including 24”, 32”, and 40”, depending on the size requirements for your dog.

AKC Casablanca Round Solid Pet Bed

AKC Casablanca Round Solid Pet Bed

AKC Casablanca Round Solid Pet Bed
List Price:$15.99
Price Disclaimer

#4 – AKC Casablanca Round Solid Pet Bed

The American Kennel Club brand is a great brand to choose. The AKC Casablanca Round Solid pet bed is available in a variety of colors for you to choose from. It fits dogs up to 25 pounds and offers a soft and cozy place for them to sleep.

It is made up of 100% polyester and is machine washable. If your dog likes comfort, and you are trying to stick to a small budget, then this might be the perfect bed for your pup!

Grey Shark Bed Cave

Grey Shark Bed Cave

#5 – Grey Shark Bed Cave

This is a cute bed that offers a semi-full enclosure. It is a cave bed with a waterproof bottom and removable cushion inside. It looks like a shark, and is really cute! On top of the cuteness, you also have to consider the level of comfort. It offers comfort and security at a price that just about everyone can afford.

Is the shark not for you? They also have a pink or blue house shaped bed available- but who could resist the cuteness of the shark?

Animal Planet Sherpa Pet Bed

Animal Planet Sherpa Pet Bed

#6 – Animal Planet Sherpa Pet Bed

If you are looking for a pet bed that will accommodate dogs of all sizes, from small to large, then the Animal Planet Sherpa pet bed may be a great choice. It is stylish and will go with any home décor, and has a plush fiber fill that is sure to offer comfort to your pup.

If your dog likes to sprawl out, without feeling like they are surrounded, then you definitely want to consider a cushion bed like this one.


HappyCare Textiles Reversible Waterproof Rectangle Pet Bed

HappyCare Textiles Reversible Waterproof Rectangle Pet Bed

#7 – HappyCare Textiles Reversible Rectangle Pet Bed

When variety is important to you, the HappyCare Textiles Reversible Rectangle pet bed may be just what you have been looking for. It has the ability to be reversed, allowing you to use both sides. There is a bolstered side that offers your pet the protection feeling like they are cuddled up and cozy, or you can flip it over and let them sleep on the other plush side.

An added benefit is that it is really affordable, and machine washable! Choose from four different colors to match your home décor.

First Quality 6in Thick Orthopedic Dog Bed

First Quality 6in Thick Orthopedic Dog Bed

#8 – First Quality 6” Thick Orthopedic Dog Bed

As your dog gets older, you really need to think about orthopedic beds that offer added cushion and comfort. The First Quality 6” Thick Orthopedic dog bed is a bit pricey, but it gives the perfect amount of support with softness to boot! It is made up of a 100% memory foam fill that is shredded, but packed densely to ensure comfort.

It is guaranteed to not flatten out, and is suitable for dogs that weigh up to 60 pounds. The best part- even though you may spend more, there is a three year money back guarantee if you aren’t happy with it for any reason.

K&H Manufacturing Lectro-Soft Outdoor Pet Bed

K&H Manufacturing Lectro-Soft Outdoor Pet Bed

#9 – K&H Manufacturing Lectro-Soft Outdoor Pet Bed

If you are looking for an outdoor friendly electric pet bed, consider the K&H Manufacturing Lectro-Soft Outdoor pet bed. It is thermostatically controlled to ensure that your pet stays his normal body temperature, even in the colder months.

It is ideal to keep outdoors for pets that spend any amount of time outside- whether in your garage, shed or other sheltered area in the yard. It offers a limited one year manufacturer’s warranty, and is surprisingly affordable for an electric pet bed.

Petco Orthopedic Peaceful Nester

Petco Orthopedic Peaceful Nester

#10 – Petco Orthopedic Peaceful Nester

This is another great orthopedic bed that is ideal for seniors. The orthopedic foam not only helps to provide comfort, but it can also help to alleviate joint pain. It has a low front that makes it easy for your dog to climb into, even if they have a hard time getting around.

It also has a removable zippered cover that can be taken off and washed in the washing machine. On top of everything, it also has a stylish design that is compatible with most indoor décor.

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