Should You Share Your Bed With Your Cat?

Sleeping with your cat

Ever feel like you are playing a challenging game of ‘petris’ when you go to bed at night? That is, when you try to fit all of your pets in your bed with you, and it ends up looking like an old school game of Tetris. An overwhelming majority of cat owners let their cats share their bed, but is that really the best idea? If you have a cat, then you understand that they have a tendency to be quite annoying at times.

They love to cuddle and play, but sometimes their affection can come off as an annoyance. They really can’t help it – they are just showing their love for you the best way they know how. The problem is, when you go to bed with your fur baby, instead of settling in for a peaceful night of sleep you might have to prepare for midnight foot attacks, pouncing, meowing, and other quirky displays of their affection.

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For some, the thought of kicking their feline friend out of the bed is just completely preposterous. After all, for many people pets are just as much a part of the family as anyone else. That, in turn, makes them feel guilty for even considering putting them out of the bed at night. For others, being well rested in the morning is far more important than having their cat by their side through the night. Sure, there are some exceptions. Not all cats will be annoying and keep you up all night.

If you happen to have a cat that just sleeps in the bed next to you, consider yourself lucky. Should you evict your cat from your bed and get them their own cat bed?

Take a look at these interesting facts, courtesy of Terry’s Fabrics, about feline sleep habits and decide for yourself – cat bed or your bed?

share your bed with your cat

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