“Dog With a Blog” – What Your Dog Wants You To Know

Dog with a blog

Did you know that having a dog isn’t just about feeding and caring for a pet? The bond that grows between dog owners and their dogs is actually quite profound. Research suggests that having a dog can actually help you in many ways, but aside from that- your dog can actually teach you a whole lot about life and happiness. Today, we are going to look at a few things that your dog wants you to know. We are pretty sure they would tell you these things if they could!

Always Be Excited to See Your Loved Ones

When you think about it, every time you go home to your pup, he probably greets you with wet kisses and love. Dogs are usually always excited to see their family. One thing is for sure, in life- you are never guaranteed tomorrow. You don’t always know how long you have to spend with someone- so make the most of it.

Loyalty is Key in Life

Dogs are probably the most loyal animals out there. In fact, so many people compare men to ‘dogs’ when they wander astray. Why is this? Dogs are loyal, so it isn’t probably the best analogy for women to use when describing a cheating man. Whether it is in romance, friendships, family or business, always remain loyal- like your dog.

Show Unconditional Love

One thing that you will always see with dogs is a display of unconditional love. It doesn’t matter if your pup has just chewed up your favorite pair of shoes, and you had to scold him sternly. He still loves you. Pet owners underestimate the love that their pets have for them. They feed them, care for them, nurture them, and in return- they get unconditional love. If only we could all show this unconditional love to everyone- the world would be a better place. We just have to love like dogs.

Enjoy Going for a Walk

When you are stressed out from a hard day’s efforts, relax and unwind by going for a peaceful walk. It works for your pup, and it can work for you as well. Dogs really love going for walks, because it gives them a chance to smell the fresh air, see nature, and stop to pee on – err, smell – the roses. Sometimes, between the hustle and bustle of life, we forget to notice the small things.

Trust Your Instincts

Another life lesson that your dog so desperately wants you to know is to trust your gut instincts. People are smarter than they give themselves credit for sometimes. Dogs are very instinctive creatures, and believe it or not- people can be too. It is just that too often stress, worry and fear get in the way of following these instincts.

Too often, people think that dogs are ‘just dogs’, and that having a dog is like having an accessory. This isn’t the case at all. If more people would understand the things that they could learn from having a dog around, there would probably be a lot more dog owners out there.

Here’s is an animated ode to what a dog can teach us about the meaning of life, by Nat Johnson:

So, now that you know a few things that your dog is trying to tell you- lessons in life, so to speak, here are a couple things that your dog can learn from you:

Trust – Your dog will learn to trust you as you care for and nurture him. Have you ever noticed that when you first get a new dog, he may be skittish? Once they can trust you, and know that you are the one that cares for their needs- they will warm up to you and begin to be more playful. Always let your dog know that they can trust you.

Companionship – There are far too many pets out there that are left at home all day, every day- sometimes for days at a time, with no attention. Dogs long for companionship. It is good for them. They are social creatures, just like humans. Let your dog know that they have a friend in you. They don’t say that dogs are man’s best friend for no reason.

As you can see, the relationship between dog owners and their dogs can be mutually fulfilling. Spend some time with your pet today, and see the bigger picture. Try to pick up on things they may be trying to tell you.

If your dog could talk
what do you think he would tell you?

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4 Responses

  1. This is good advice. People (even those who aren’t ‘dog people’) can learn a lot about how to live and treat others based on dogs’ behaviors.

  2. This was really funny, but really accurate! Having a dog really helps you to notice the simple pleasures in life. I have learned so many of life’s lessons from our dog, but the biggest lesson that I have learned is that of loyalty. Our dog is really loyal, and always there for us – no matter what!

  3. I am probably one of the biggest ‘dog people’ you will ever meet! I really love our dogs, and I would open our home to more in a heartbeat! I love that dogs love you unconditionally, and they just want that same love in return. I wish more people would adopt a pet and help homeless pets find the love they desperately seek!

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